Categories of traffic tickets

Oct 25, 17 Categories of traffic tickets

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State and local laws will affect traffic laws and regulations, which means that how a traffic ticket is treated will greatly depend on the jurisdiction. Most traffic tickets can be broken down into three categories: City ordinance violation – These types of offenses are based on photo enforcement systems or other devices that identify infractions. Parking tickets will also fall under these ordinance violations. Most insurance companies will not have this information, which means that these violations will not show up on your driving record. Unpaid tickets will be reported to a credit agency that will ensure that payments come in on time. Civil infraction – These types of tickets will involve a court hearing, but a court appearance can be avoided if fines are paid on time. These types of tickets are common for speeding, driving past a stop sign and minor traffic offenses. These violations will fall on a person’s driving history and result in points being added to a driving report. Traffic misdemeanor – These forms of tickets are serious and have severe repercussions. If you are found guilty of these offenses you could be faced with jail time, community service, large fines and suspension of driving privileges. Sometimes these traffic misdemeanors can be added to a person’s criminal record and can be seen by insurance companies, employers, and others. It is important to understand the category of your traffic offense to understand how you should...

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Paternity rights

Sep 25, 17 Paternity rights

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If a married couple has a child, it is assumed that the husband is the child’s father. But when an unmarried couple has a child it may be necessary to establish the child’s paternity after the baby is born. Ascertaining the paternity will protect all parties involved and will help with establishing visitation rights, support, and inheritance. Parents under the law are legally responsible for their children, regardless if they are married or not. Naming the baby and the birth certificate – In the US a child can be given any first, middle and last name as per the parent’s The child does not have to take the father’s last name to be considered legitimate. Often a representative from the local health department will meet the mother in the hospital after the baby is born and fill out an application. The state will then use this information to issue a birth certificate. How to establish paternity – The easiest way to establish paternity is to name the father on the birth certificate. If the couple is not married and the father is not at the hospital, the mother cannot list him as the father on the birth certificate at the hospital. His name will have to be added to the birth certificate later. If the father has signed the document, then legally the father’s paternal rights are established. How to prepare a paternity statement – If the father is not present or has not signed the documents, a paternity statement is essential. Most states offer these forms and provide the father to sign these forms within a time limit after the...

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How to Break Into the Entertainment Law as a Young Attorney

Sep 14, 17 How to Break Into the Entertainment Law as a Young Attorney

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Plenty of law students and attorneys are looking to dip their toe into the field of entertainment law. However, what does entertainment law actually entail? In today’s world, entertainment law is essentially a combination of intellectual property law, contract law, account, and more. So, if you’re looking to dive into the field of entertainment law, there are a few things you should know. Versatility is Key Famed entertainment attorney Barry K. Rothman believes it takes more than just being a quality lawyer to break into this competitive business. For one, you will need to perfect your craft and create a foundation for yourself. Become involved in bar associations and other trade organizations that have entertainment sections. Furthermore, you’ll also need to read the trades and fully understand how the industry functions. It’s crucial that you try and make contact with a variety of entertainment lawyers, managers, and agencies and see if they’re willing to provide your services with whatever capacity they may need. While this may sound relatively demanding as a young attorney, it’s also crucial to become successful when it comes down to it. If you’re considering looking for advice, check out all of Barry K. Rothman reviews online and contact him today. Him and his firm have a wide array of experience within the entertainment law industry and are continuing to break ground. The Bottom Line Becoming an entertainment lawyer involves delving into a variety of different legal fields and understanding what the actual industry is all about. Only then will you gain enough insight to become an asset to today’s growing entertainment...

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Consider the following before hiring a business consultant

Sep 08, 17 Consider the following before hiring a business consultant

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Hiring a consultant to assist your firm with short-term projects is common in business since more organizations are cutting costs and looking at reducing their human resources. Here are a few things to consider before hiring a business consultant. The knowledge approach – If you have a straightforward job that doesn’t require much involvement from other staff members, hiring a consultant is a good idea. A consultant will help to resolve your problem and be able to solve it within a very short period, provided they are given access to all the information they need. The people approach – Consultants that follow the people approach are becoming more popular as they work with an organization’s staff and provide knowledge and learning that can be used in the future. However, this approach will take more time and therefore be costlier. Know the problem – Understand what the problem is and gather as much information as you can before finding a consultant. Using this approach will help a consultant understand the issues a company is facing and be able to provide a solution within a shorter time. Does the company need a consultant – Lyle Charles suggests that If the problem you have has been attempted by many teams within your firm and you are unable to reach a solution, a consultant’s expertise may be a good way to resolve an issue. However, if your staff have not assessed the problem, it is best to instruct them to look into the issue before you look for a consultant. Other sources of help – Look at speaking to other companies about their experiences on similar issues. Although this can be true for certain issues, some technical problems may require the help of a construction consultant....

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What is premises liability law?

Aug 27, 17 What is premises liability law?

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Blog written by Barry K. Rothman. Premises liability law, holds landlords and tenants responsible when someone enters their property and as a result, is hurt. This law is based on negligence and can be different to personal injury situations. The most common injury is slip and fall cases, which are caused by wet floors, snow and ice, unmarked obstacles, and faulty stairs. Cases also arise due to vicious animals, open swimming pools, broken elevators, and unruly customers or guests. Plaintiffs will have to file a suit against the owners, landlords, business owners, residential tenants, maintenance companies, and or other parties that control the property. The laws for premises liability will characterize the injured based on the reason he/she entered the premises. Plaintiffs who entered without permission are considered “trespassers.” Social guests and others who entered for their purposes are labeled as “licensees.” Finally, those who entered to further the purpose of the landowner such as a business customer are considered “invitees.” The law will award each group different levels of protection from harm. Traditional laws state that the landowners have no legal responsibility to keep trespassers safe. However, if the owner knew that trespassers were present, and failed to warn them about dangers, they could be held liable. Regarding licensees, the landowner has to warn them of dangers that the licensees are unlikely to discover on their own. Invitees (customers) are given the most protection. In this case, the landowners must inspect the premises and make sure it is safe for these individuals. Blog written by Barry K. Rothman. Read Barry K. Rothman reviews online to see how this boutique law firm helps clients throughout the entertainment industry strike a fair...

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How to manage a plastic surgery injury?

Jul 24, 17 How to manage a plastic surgery injury?

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Like any surgery, there is potential for injury. Plastic surgery is no different, and injuries can occur as a result of a doctor’s negligence which can result in a medical malpractice claim. When you visit a plastic surgeon and request them to perform a treatment for you, you are committed to the best possible outcome. However, a breakdown in communication and expertise can cause severe injuries. Unfortunately, in plastic-surgery medical malpractice may not be identified until several days after the surgery. Often plastic surgery mistakes are in areas that are obvious to others, and therefore the trauma of the injury can be difficult and emotionally draining for the patient. When you visit your surgeon and book a surgery ensure that you read all documentation you are signing before the surgery. The most common indicators of plastic surgery malpractice are: Operating the wrong body part. Not taking into consideration the patient’s accurate medical history. Not using an experienced anesthesiologist. A non-plastic surgeon completing a cosmetic Completing complicated procedures in private clinics that cannot deal with complications. The patient will have to illustrate that: The doctor had a responsibility to the patient. The doctor breached that duty by behaving negligently or failing to act. As a result, the patient sustained an injury. The injury was due to the doctor’s breach. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury as a result of plastic surgery, it is advisable to consult a medical malpractice lawyer to protect your rights....

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