Bus accident law

Dec 23, 17 Bus accident law

Bus accident law falls under common carrier law, as it offers transportation services for people who are part of business. Common carriers can include both private companies or public entities and these rules are governed by local, state and federal laws.

Common carriers are legally required to show a higher duty of care as they offer their services to the public for a charge. Common carriers have to show the highest degree of care and vigilance for the safety of its passengers and the general public. If a common carrier fails to show a high degree of care, they can be charged with negligence.

If a bus accident was due to negligence due to speeding, fatigue, maintenance failures, tire failures, or inadequate training; the carrier is liable for damages. If a minor or an ill or disabled person is injured, special rules will apply.

Most often common carriers are governmental agencies, and therefore there is a limited time for the claims to be filed for such incidents. Additionally, governmental entities will also have special notices that need to be filled before submitting a legal complaint. Due to these complications, it is best to speak to an experienced attorney who is familiar with common carrier law. If you require further information on transportation laws and regulations in your State, it is best to visit the Department of Transportation website, which offers information and forms that you can downloaded to put through your claim.