Can I file a lawsuit without a lawyer?

Jan 24, 18 Can I file a lawsuit without a lawyer?

If a person is concerned about attorney fees, they may be hesitant to put through their claims. However, it is important to note that people can file a lawsuit without a lawyer and here’s how.

First, you will need to understand what wrong was done to you to form a lawsuit. Then it is essential to understand the elements of the case. Understand the critical details of the case by reading online articles by reputed websites and by reading law books that are relevant to your case.

Secondly, once you have understood your case, you will then need to prepare your documents to file your lawsuit. Most often forms can be obtained by either the clerk of court or local law libraries. If a clerk of the court or local law librarian cannot give you the relevant form, speak to a legal aid group who will assist to fill and file your case. Your paperwork will then have to be presented with to the court, and you will be charged a filing fee. You will also have to arrange to have a copy of the lawsuit sent to the served party. If you cannot pay for filing fees, request for indigent status and ask for a waiver of these costs.

After summons have been issued, there will be some deadlines that are triggered. You will then have to use the discovery process to investigate your case and gather evidence that supports your claims. After which your case will go to trial, and there will be a complicated mix of procedures and rules that you have to follow.