Categories of traffic tickets

Oct 25, 17 Categories of traffic tickets

State and local laws will affect traffic laws and regulations, which means that how a traffic ticket is treated will greatly depend on the jurisdiction. Most traffic tickets can be broken down into three categories:

City ordinance violation – These types of offenses are based on photo enforcement systems or other devices that identify infractions. Parking tickets will also fall under these ordinance violations. Most insurance companies will not have this information, which means that these violations will not show up on your driving record. Unpaid tickets will be reported to a credit agency that will ensure that payments come in on time.

Civil infraction – These types of tickets will involve a court hearing, but a court appearance can be avoided if fines are paid on time. These types of tickets are common for speeding, driving past a stop sign and minor traffic offenses. These violations will fall on a person’s driving history and result in points being added to a driving report.

Traffic misdemeanor – These forms of tickets are serious and have severe repercussions. If you are found guilty of these offenses you could be faced with jail time, community service, large fines and suspension of driving privileges. Sometimes these traffic misdemeanors can be added to a person’s criminal record and can be seen by insurance companies, employers, and others.

It is important to understand the category of your traffic offense to understand how you should proceed.