Construction claims management

Dec 17, 16 Construction claims management

Written by Lyle Charles

The construction landscape involves risks and these risks are often not- transferable risks or liabilities, which include health, safety, and the environment. Construction claims management is part of project planning and is concerned with preventing, reducing and resolving claims. This process involves:

Identifying and managing risk exposures on projects.

Promote an established departmental resolution processes.

Resolve claims promptly in a fair and reasonable manner while respecting the rights of all parties concerned.

If your construction company is looking to reduce claims, it is important to start with creating a standard construction agreement and construction contract documents. It is advisable to receive legal counsel when creating these documents, to ensure that all contracts follow a standard procedure.

Most reputed construction companies will have a project manager who is responsible for preventing and resolving disputes and claims, as and when they arise. However, some cases may be complex and require a construction consultant to assist in certain areas of the case. Most construction outsourcing companies will have expert’s that specialize in every area of construction.

If you are looking to train your construction claim management team for your company, consider the programs offered by the Claims Prevention and Management Unit in the National Capital Area. The programs offered will help to prevent, manage and avoid claims. This unit’s committee also publish books on policies, procedures, and processes that will help employees understand the importance of construction claims management.


Experts, such as Lyle Charles provide a professional opinion and a complete construction claim analysis. If you are either a contractor or the employer, seeking a construction claims expert with a construction background will almost always guarantee a step in the right direction.