How much can you legally say to a cop?

Nov 25, 17 How much can you legally say to a cop?

If you are afraid to talk to a cop because you feel that you may be getting into more trouble, here are some tips on what you can and can’t say.

Avoid doing anything that may aggravate a police officer – It is best to be respectful and listen before you speak. Although police officers are there to uphold the law and be fair, they are also human and can get aggravated, causing an unnecessary arrest. Upsetting a cop may also mean that the cop’s description of the incident may change due to your attitude towards him.

You can, however, speak your mind – Tell the police officer your side of the story in a civil manner that does not cause a scene. Look at being calm and explaining the incident in as much detail as possible.

How far can you go – Consider the temperament of the police officer and the laws of your state. Look at the laws against disorderly conduct and public disturbances before visiting a different state. In most states, swearing or making rude gestures at a police officer will be a violation of most state laws.

If you must say something nasty – If you are angry and need to express yourself, do so in a calm, quiet conversational tone and preferably video the conversation. Including a political comment that will strengthen your side of the story will help your argument.