How to change your name in your state

Aug 20, 16 How to change your name in your state

A name change can be quite straightforward and will involve filling out some forms and paying a small fee. After your application has been processed, you will have to attend a hearing and publish your name change in the local newspaper for a set number of days. After which the court judgment can be used to change the name on all your legal documents.

Here are the steps involved in a name change.

Start by researching the process of a name change to your specific state. Most name changes are similar, but there may be slight differences from state to state.

Obtain the correct name change form from your local courthouse.

The forms available for a name change are; A marriage license form, divorce form, adoption form, and basic name change form. Most forms will require you to pay a fee at the courthouse.

Check if your state requires you to publish your name change. These details will be available on your form.

After your form is submitted, you will have approximately 90 days to change your name on all legal and personal information.

To change your name on documents, you will have to bring the name change document with you for verification.

Start by changing your name on your driver’s license, passport, Social Security card and bank accounts. You can then proceed to change your name at the post office, utility companies, service companies, employer’s records and any mail order subscriptions.