How to hire an interim manager?

May 11, 17 How to hire an interim manager?

Written by Lyle Charles

Interim managers are hired as business or project leaders to manage a project or an area of a company. Often interim managers are hired through interim short-term management services that offer their clients a selection of experts who have a high level of performance and a strong track record of achieving results.

Is an interim manager necessary? – Firstly look within your organization for the skills and expertise you require. You may be surprised to learn that you have already hired an employee who is perfect for the role.

Think about your ideal candidate – Look at the qualities, skills, and experience that you are looking for in an ideal candidate and create a job description using these details.

Use a reputable interim provider – A reputable interim provider will provide you with a list of candidates who will possess the right management skills for your company.

Don’t delay recruitment decisions – Good quality interim managers are rare and hired quickly, therefore if you have a need for one, it is best to start the recruitment process quickly.

Cultural fit – The candidate you select should be able to hit the ground running and therefore should grasp what is required of them within five working days. However, the right fit will greatly depend on the interim manager’s work ethics, communication skills, and overall attitude compared to your company’s work culture.

Construction projects often require the services of an interim manager as an interim manager can help the project run smoothly and offer an outside perspective. Most construction projects benefit from hiring construction claims consultants as interim managers, because of their skills and experience on handling and mitigation construction claims.


Lyle Charles is a construction consultants for commercial construction projects across the United States.