Sports Injury Laws

Nov 03, 16 Sports Injury Laws

Injuries when actively engaging in sports is common and can include minor, accidental injuries such as sprains, twists, and the occasional bone break. However, if an injury occurs due to someone else’s deliberate hit or recklessness it is advisable to hold that person accountable, mainly because a major injury can adversely affect your career or your hobby.

In some cases, referees can be held responsible, because they have asked a player to perform in a certain manner that has resulted in an injury. Other cases involve the spectators, governing bodies, local authorities, schools and the organizers of a sporting event, or a manufacturer or supplier of defective or dangerous sporting goods. Sports injury lawsuits often include common injuries such as concussions, brain and nervous system damage and sometimes deaths.

These cases will claim damages in the form of personal injury claims. In most cases, negligence is to blame, while some include intentional injury. To show that a person has been negligent, the victim’s lawyer will have to prove that the defendant had the duty of care to protect the lawyers client from harm and that this breach resulted in harm.

If you or someone you know feels that their injury was due to someone else’s fault, it is best to seek advice from a law firm that is experienced in handling sports injury lawsuits. In most cases, lawyer will request all documentation including medical bills that have been paid, prior to taking on your case.