Teenage drunk driving laws and consequences

Sep 03, 16 Teenage drunk driving laws and consequences

There are over 3000 teenagers that die every year in drunk driving accidents. These figures are higher for drivers between 16-20 years than for adults over 21. These rates are mainly due to the fact that teenagers tend to take more risks.

The law has zero tolerance for teenage drunk driving injuries and deaths. If a minor under the age of 21 is found to be driving with a negligible percentage of alcohol in their blood, they will be arrested for a DUI immediately. Most states have laws that set their zero tolerance at 0.02, while laws for adults are at 0.08.

Consequences of teenage DUI convictions

Charges – In most states, first-time offenders will be charged with underage drinking and a DUI. They can also be charged for violation of Child Endangerment Laws, minor in possession of alcohol, possession of an altered or fictitious ID card, soliciting alcohol from an adult and distributing alcohol to other minors.

Punishments for teenagers that are found guilty of a DUI – The charges will be classed as a class one misdemeanor. This means that these charges will remain on the teenager’s record, even after he/she is an adult. The teenager will also have their license suspendered for up to 2 years.

Jail time and other penalties for teen DUI – In some cases the teenager can face up to one year or more of jail time. This is especially the case for teenagers who are not first-time offenders. They could also be offered probation from 3-5 years.