The Benefits of Getting Proper Construction Claim Analysis

Oct 10, 13 The Benefits of Getting Proper Construction Claim Analysis

The construction industry requires special consultation when dealing with construction claim analysis and preparation. There is an endless list of laws and regulations placed on construction employers and contractors. The OSHA website has thousands of pages dedicated to explaining to contractors exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure worker safety. Also, you could be running your construction business in a far more efficiently. Construction companies can save an incredible amount of money by simply streamlining their processes and functions. Some consultants also offer private mediation for legal issues, an alternative to court.

When working in a construction business, time is money. Sitting down to read the entire OSHA manual to the letter is not as economically feasible as hiring an expert in construction claims analysis. These consultants offer their services at an affordable price, far more affordable than the amount of money you would be losing by doing everything yourself. Many of these consultants have decades of experience as construction contractors and business owners themselves. They have been through contractual and scheduling mistakes. They’ve lost money. They have the foresight to prevent these things from happening to you.

A construction claims specialist can help you find solutions to problems associated with incomplete poorly designed contract documents. Business owners sometimes coordinate contract documents as they go, which can be a frustrating and insecure way to deal with clients. Contracts also need to incorporate scope changes. Clients will often change their mind about designs, or perhaps the original design needed to be improved upon anyways. Leaving room for changes in your contract prevents a significant loss of money. Contracts should also include a scope of complexity.

Other issues can be addressed by hiring a construction claims consultant. They can deal with slow Requests for Information (RFI) responses, minimize down time for employees, and help you employ the most effective strategies for scheduling. Long instances of down time reduce productivity among your workers, and you are essentially paying them to do nothing. Scheduling is a balancing act that requires back up plans in case of stacking of trade and schedule acceleration issues. Reducing overtime in which you have to pay workers time and half can also be costly for your company. It is best to avoid prolonged labor necessities or “over manpower” requests.

The value of professional construction claim preparation and analysis from an expert construction consultant is more than just monetary. Ideally, all parties will document key details of the agreement as a basic risk-management technique. But too often, documentation takes a back seat to the actual work—that is, until inevitable changes arise and the financial reality of the project sets in. This is the time when costly, delaying construction claims are filed.
Author is Lyle Charles, a construction claims expert with forty years of total experience. Visit for more details.