The five key areas construction lawyers handle

Feb 08, 18 The five key areas construction lawyers handle

Lawyers are now more specialized, which means that to ensure that you hire a competent construction lawyer, you should look at hiring a lawyer that handles wills, house closings, and other “non-business” matters. Here are five critical areas dealt with by construction lawyers according to Lyle Charles.

Contracts – Construction lawyers need to be able to quickly create a standard contract that can be offered to customers, clients, and suppliers. They will also need to go through contracts that other people accept the company to sign.

Business organizations – It is also essential that your lawyer decides if your company should be a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) and organize the necessary paperwork. There are implications if and when you need construction & turnaround services.

Real estate – Most companies will lease commercial space for offices and retail stores. Such contracts are complex and are often drafted to benefit the landlord. Construction lawyers will also need to go through these contracts and negotiate terms that will help the company.

Taxes and licenses – Although accountants prepare company tax files, the company lawyer will have to register the business for federal and state tax identification numbers, and understand the tax consequences of your businesses transactions.

Intellectual property – If your business creates products, services or designs, your business may want to register products and services for federal trademark and copyright protection. Your company lawyer can work closely with a specialist to help you receive intellectual property rights.