What is Elder Law?

Jan 23, 17 What is Elder Law?

This area of law, which refers to, issues that affect older people, usually over 60 years of age. Here are 3 main areas of elder law include estate planning, Medicaid, disability and long-term care and guardianship.

Estate planning – This involves preparation and administration of a will, which highlights areas like establishing trusts, the use, and purpose of a living will and other matters affecting the elder’s estate.

Medicaid, disability and long-term care – Another area that is important, is paying for the elder’s medical bills. Since most will face higher medical bills at the end of their life, it is important to ensure that these costs are covered. It is also important to state how far one will want medical personnel to go to extend one’s It is, therefore, important to state how one will want their medical treatments handled, once one is incapacitated.

Guardianship – The other important area is guardianship, which involves the areas of who should take care of the elder, once he/she finds it hard to complete daily tasks, for example, due to dementia, Alzheimer’s or after a stroke. Although close family members are guardians, it is necessary to consider hiring an attorney to ensure that the elder’s wishes are met. If there are no family members to take on the task, the elder can appoint a guardian by the court. The guardian can offer a fee for their services. This appointed guardian will have legal obligations are to the elder.