What is summary probation?

Oct 02, 16 What is summary probation?

This type of probation, which is often sentenced after an informal or misdemeanor probation. This places the offender under the supervision of the court and not the probation department. This sort of probation is designed for first-time or juvenile offenders. In some cases, jail time is possible, but will often be limited to the minimum sentence for the crime. The court issues this type of sentencing to give the offender a chance to rehabilitate him or herself, while being under the supervision of the court.

Eligibility – Summary probation is given to first time offenders who are mostly juveniles. These offenders are considered low risk and safe to be part of society. Low-level felonies that qualify for a summary probation include some alcohol and drug-related offenses, theft, and fraud. Misdemeanors that may warrant a summary probation include shoplifting, disturbing the peace, and traffic offenses.

Terms of summary probation – The terms of this probation will last from 1 month to 5 years. In most cases it will involve paying restitution to the victim, mandatory attendance at group or individual drug and alcohol classes, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, having gainful employment and/or attending school, performing community service, and paying fines.

Check ins – The offender will not have to check in with their parole officer and will have to check in with a judge on regular intervals. At these meetings the judge will review the offender’s case and ask questions about progress.